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Name: Angela Marie Rummell
Lala, Midget, Monkey, Ang, Angie, i have alot of nick names from alot of different friends But mostly people call me midget, even though half of them are shorter than me =)
Age: 15

Location: Macomb,MI
What four words describe your personality?:
Outoing, Funny, Loving, Spunky
What makes you perfect?:My personality, I can make you happy when your sad, i can make you smile when your mad, i can make you laugh without even doing anything. Personality makes what kind of person you are its the first thing people notice in you and well i think i have a perfect personality also how im just myself there is no need to try and impress people they should love you for yourself and not try to change you into another one of them like a clone

Tell me...
a funny story:
hmm a funny story? just in general or something that happened to me? Well a funny story that happened to me would be We were down in flordia and we went to a chinese resturant the guy asked me what i wanted to drink i said Dr. Pepper (they call it Mr. pibb) so he gave me that i drank it, a chinese lady comes back and asked me for a re-fill im like sure! shes like "pepsi?" im like no shes like coke? im like no.. shes like "pepsi pepsi? coke coke!" so after this went on for a while im just like yeah pepsi okay fine than a few minutes later the guy comes back and gives everyone a re-fill of Dr. pepper.. they teased me about it the whole rest of the trip cuz thats just  my luck!
^^ if that story isnt funny enough here i'll give you another one..
My sister and me were driving and we were almost home doing nothing wrong we saw flashing lights behind us my sister turns to me and is like "Ang are we being pulled over?" im like umm i dont think so? wait.. maybe shes like umm i dunno what to do! im like "just keep driving if they want us to get over u'll hear a siren" shes like okay.. well we got into the other lane and the van with flashing lights passed us.. come to find out it was a mail lady.. oh man it was so funny we were so worried
a joke:
Well i know a couple very dumb old jokes that me and a few others laugh at.. here it goes
1.So this one day a horse walked into a bar.. the bartender goes why the long face?
2. 3 guys walked into a bar.. the 4th one ducked (not like abar with alcohol a metal bar)
3. A redhead and a blonde jump off a building.. which one makes it to the ground first? The redhead, the blonde had to stop and ask for directions.
4.One day a blonde went into a department ... One day a blonde went into a department store.She said to the owner, "Can I buy that T.V.?"The owner replies, "No, you're a blonde".Next day the blonde comes into the same shop with black hair and says, "Can I buy that T.V.?"The shop keeper says "No, you're a blonde."Next day the blonde comes in with pink hair and says, "Can I buy that T.V.?"The owner says, "No, you're a blonde."Then the blonde goes, "How do you know I'm blonde?" He replies, "Because it's a microwave.
^^ i dunno if any of those you would like..lol dont take offense to the blonde joke all my friends are blondes
 3 interesting things about yourself: Im afraid of heights, yet i still go to cedar point every year and ride the rollercoasters, im a kid at heart i love just acting like a kid again, but i know when its time to be serious. I once tried chasting a bull on our red tractor.. it didnt work to well let me tell you that!
who you admire and why: I definatly admire my neice, after all shes been through she still goes through life each day with a smile on her face. When she was born the doctors crushed everything in her skull her pituitary gland and all the hormones you need to grow. She under went sugery and is blind in one eye and almost blind in the other. she has to take pills and shots each day.. im so proud of her shes now going to be 16 in june and shes grown so much. the doctor wanted her to go meet people that have had what happened to her happen to them and she didnt want to, kids who that happened to are in wheel chairs, dont go to school, dont lead a normal life. She goes to Stevenson High school, she just recently got her segment 1 driving permit, shes going for her licence soon.. and each day she smiles just knowing shes alive, she makes everyones day better, i admire her so much on all the stuff she goes through she can still keep her head up high and a smile on her face.
how you found out about us: I found you through livejournal on a search

 You love..
Jay and silent bob strike back, SLC punk, The notebook, Walk to remember, The ring, Hide and seek, Bring it on, Blade 1 2 and Blade trinity, 10th kingdom, sority boys, Camp nowhere, scary movies 1 2 3, dogma, mall rats, darkness falls, "it", the leperchan, sweet home alabama, napoleon dynamite oh man i could go on forever i love watching movies  =)
oh goodness this could take a while, would you mind if i just told you my favorite song? that would be Picture by kid rock and sheryl crow now you see theres a meaning behind it.. lets just say a lost love..
music artist:
blink 182, yellowcard, the starting line, rufio, finch, simple plan, new found glory, less than jake, story of the year, lostprophets, bad religion, coheed and cambria, bowling for soup, alterbridge, trapt, chevelle, green day, automatic black, alien ant farm, avril lavigne, candlebox, coldplay, crossfade, dave mathews, o.a.r., earshot, eve 6, hoobastank, link park, evenascenes, incubus, lit, letter kills, oasis, pax 217, mxpx, steriogram, scooter, skillet, seether, staind, sum 41, student rick, strata, the ataris, usher, twista, kanye west, xzibit, saria, nelly, my chemical romance, mase, joe buddens, jagged edge, groove coverage, dead prez, crystal method, gob, sugercult, nofx, dashboard confessional, scooter, daniel beddingfield, darude, matchbook romance, live, puddle of mudd, cold, flaw, letter kills, 12 stones, the used, taking back sunday, the killers, from here on out, gone by midnight, slipknot, ludacris, nelly, murphy lee, .. theres alot more but i dont think you guys want to read every single thing..lol

3-5 clear pics!

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