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it's a picture of perfection..

a vision of you and i

thats hot
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This is a blunt rating community. We don't accept applicants to be 'nice'. If you're ugly...you're ugly + we will bring this to your attention. If you -->think that you reach these standards continue reading...


First and foremost__Uglies need not apply.
You must be at least 14 or older to apply. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Fill out the survey and make the subject say 'the definition of perfection' so we know you read these rules.
Within 24 hours of joining the community you must post an application or we will ban you
Do not vote/comment until you have been accepted.
This is a rating community..therefore you must post 3-5 pictures with the application. They have to be clear and have at least one body pic.
Post your application under an lj cut or it will be deleted. If you don't know how...learn.
If you're not accepted don't re-apply ever again.
Don't join if you can't handle the truth. and oh we WILL tell you how it is.
If you are insulted you can argue with whoever insulted you...you will just make yourself look like an ass.
Answer ALL questions on the survey.
Bold the questions on the survey so they're easier to read please!

To the girls who are accepted

If you are accepted put "stamped" in the subject line when you post.
If you remain in-active for too long you will be removed from this community.
As soon as you're accepted you must promote this community in your user info or your livejournal.
Once you're accepted you can post new pictures of yourself and other things.
Ask permission from your mod before promoting other communities.YOU HAVE TO ASK US! If you fail to do so, you may risk your membership at Le__Perfecciona and may be effing kicked out. Also, once you've promoted their community in ours, you must promote our community in theirs.


Point System

For everything good you do with this communty, you will recieve points. Every 5oo points, you will recieve an auto accept/reject. The points are as follows:

Remaining active = 5o pts.
Promoting = 5o pts.
(you must post the links in the community)
Winning a contest = 1oo pts.
Helping with banners/the layout = 1oo pts.
Bringing a new applicant = 15o pts.




located here

Promotional banners

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Accept/Reject banners

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Sister communities

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